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Gamma prodotti Italicare

Your hair routine
starts here

The full range of hair products.

In the Italicare laboratory, beauty allies come to life for your routine. A range of specific products to take care of the hair day after day. The hyaluronic acid combined in a strategic and functional way with the individual ingredients, present in the various formulations, acts to meet the needs of each type of hair.

  • Fortifying line, with pomegranate ideal for fragile and treated hair.
  • Anti-yellow line, with blueberry suitable for those who have white hair, gray, bleached and highlighted hair.
  • Delicate line, with apricot intended for those with normal hair or without special needs.
  • Disciplining line, with coconut oil and cocoa butter aimed at those with straight hair.
  • Moisturizing line, with natural aloe intended for those with curly or wavy hair.

Choose the perfect product for your needs. Choose Italicare.

Color change
at your fingertips

Changing your look is simple, fast and fun.

The Italicare line for the coloring, to give a touch of light to your hair. The permanent cream coloring features a gentle low ammonia formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extracts. 12 shades available, 12 ways to revolutionize the look with a natural and long-lasting result. The Italicare cream coloring guarantees 100% coverage of white hair.

Available in packs of 12 kits with two sachets, each color + hydrogen peroxide. Each kit can be used for one application. Get an intense and bright color in your home with the help of Italicare.

bustine colorazione italicare

The sanitizing solution
enclosed in a drop

The range of products designed to take care of the cleanliness of your hands.

Igiendrop is the cosmetic sanitizer for hands. 70% alcohol, hydroalcoholic, moisturizing effect: the ideal solution to cleanse them when you are away from home, at the workplace or in any circumstance in which you do not have the possibility of having water and soap. We offer different formats to meet every need and circumstance: 100 ml gel, 500 ml gel, 1000 ml gel and 100 ml spray. The formulation based on specific sanitizing ingredients guarantees a thorough and complete cleaning.

Igiendrop is hand soap. PH 5.5, sanitizing, with moisturizing effect: the perfect choice to cleanse gently without altering the physiological PH of the skin. It does not contain perfume and dyes. Dermatologically tested. Its specific formulation is enriched with cetylpiridinium chloride and acidified with lactic acid in order to comply with the H.A.C.C.P. and be suitable in professional environments. Its 500 ml format is ideal for use in domestic, commercial and corporate contexts.

igiendrop gel igienizzante mani

The practical
and comfortable pocket drop
in every situation

Protected hands, sanitizing action in a single solution.

Igiendrop single-dose is the ready-to-use cosmetic hand sanitizer. The pocket version is the perfect protective measure when on the go. The ideal solution for bars, restaurants, businesses and companies. The sachet contains 70% alcohol and allows you to clean your hands in a few seconds. Single-dose Igiendrop is convenient, effective and practical.

bustina igienizzante mani
dropigien gel igienizzante mani

The sanitizing solution
for pharmacies

Hydrates, protect and check your hands.

Dropigen+ is the hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer. Its formulation based on specific sanitizing ingredients contains 70% alcohol and guarantees a complete and deep cleansing of the skin. It works in seconds and does not require rinsing. Refreshing, non-greasy and eliminates odors. It is available in different formats ideal for every need: 100 ml gel, 500 ml gel, 1000 ml gel and 100 ml spray. Dropigen+ is the sanitizer made for pharmacies.

Dropigien+ is the hand soap suitable for use in professional environments. Dermatologically tested. Its specific formulation enriched with cetylpiridinium chloride and acidified with lactic acid complies with the H.A.C.C.P. The ideal solution to gently cleanse, moisturize and sanitize hands without altering the physiological PH of the skin. The 500 ml format is suitable for commercial, corporate and domestic contexts.

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